Vintage & Antique Sewing Machines

Sewing is one of my passions and while I love the myriad stitches and options of a modern sewing machine like our Janome machines available for our classes, my heart lies with antique machines.  Singer Sewing Machines with their gorgeous black and gold decals,  powder blue Jones sewing machines and all the other smaller brands.
The soft click of a hand crank sewing machine as it sews in a perfect and steady line without any electricity is one of my simple joys.  I also love the the more energetic pace of a treadle machine again no electricity just good old people power and great workout for lower legs getting the blood pumping.  In a modern throw away era these vintage beauties are simple to use and maintain and are designed to do one thing really well and that is to stitch perfectly.
Here at Rowan Tree Studio we collect vintage machines, Offer servicing of Antique machine and restoration of treadles and table top machines as well as help with identifcation and advice on selling your machine.
If you have a family heirloom from parent or grandparent we can show you how to make it shine, how to get it working smoothly to maintain it for many more years to come.

Black and gold Singer 201K sewing machine with paperclip gold decals and art deco face plate
Singer 99 Hand Crank with filigree decals being cleaned and restored in our vintage machine class