Welcome Back!

After I closed my doors during covid and thought I had hung up my teaching shoes, here we are again!
I missed you all, I missed the contact and sharing my knowledge with such lovely people throughout the year.  Some of you have been students for years and I consider friends so I am really looking forward to see you all again soon.
The first workshops start at the end of January because honestly it will take that long to clear out 2 years worth of stuff that has accumulated in the studio. 
We will be running Soap Making, Candle Making, Sewing, Patchwork, Felting, Business courses and much more.  I want to get back to teaching and learning traditional crafts that can be of use in the modern world during cost of living crisis.  Our Soap making course give you 21 bars of soap to last you the year and our patchwork course will teach you how to use old shirts and fabric to make beautifully warm quilts for these long winter evenings.

I would love to offer basket weaving courses, spoon carving and anything else that I think will be useful or just plain fun.

Myelf and Mr Harper are looking forward to seeing you soon, and yes he is still making amazing cakes and yummy jacket spuds!

Sarah & Casie and Family