Spring is in the air.....

The last couple of years Spring has been slow to arrive and filled with rain.  From a cosy crafting point of view it is nice to have longer to craft before the gardening takes over.  From a gardening point of view we need the light and dry days to get caught up on jobs we cannot do in the cold wet winter.  What a dilemma!

Our winter crafts of Patchwork tend to slow down in the warmer months and we concentrate more on Soap, Candle and Skincare classes.  I am however planning the rest of the years courses and the start of 2025 as we speak so I have stitching on my mind and a few Christmas classes this year all being well.

One of the classes I would love to bring back is Plastic Free living.  A one day course designed to get you making your own cleaning products, washing up bars, Soaps, Deodorant and shower products.  Look out for it in the 2nd half of the year and if you signed up to our newsletter we will send you the new dates.

In the meantime I have a quick easy recipe to give you super soft and exfoliated skin in minutes with ingredients you have at home:

Sugar Scrub:

Caster Sugar
Oil (Olive, Sunflower, Almond)
Essential oils
Herbs or petals (Optional)



1) Work out the volume of the jar you have available.  180ml jar = 190g of scrub we will use this as an example
2) in a jug or bowl weigh out 140g of sugar,  45g of oil and 4g of essential oils of your choice plus 2-3g of petals of your choice this is optional but pretty

3)  Mix well and pour into your jar (use a large funnel or Jam filler)
4)  Pop the lid on and use in the shower with a spoon to scoop out (don't use wet hands as you will introduce the possibility of bacteria to the scrub)

5)  Use 1-2 times a week for super soft skin